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Features that differentiate us from competitors

Quality and security are number 1 in our book. The highest quality voice coupled with the best rates world wide. A winning combination. Try EVCMOBI today!

Toll free access numbers

Is your mobile or battery dead? EVCMOBI, provides Toll-Free access numbers to all our cusotmers world wide. We understand about emergencies and having to make a call. Unstopable EVCMOBI !

One account - Many Devices

Once you are registered with EVCMOBI you can use our service from multiple devices. Mobile - PC - Tablet , we cover it all.

SMS functionality

We realize that not everyone has a smartphone. Send local and international SMS to non EVCMOBI users worldwide. Avoid hefty GSM charges with our low SMS rates. Another exclusive service by EVCMOBI!

Multimedia and Emoticons

Express yourself with EVCMOBI. Share pictures, video and location. Enjoy our funny emoticons. 

Free Answering rules to manage all incoming calls

Free answering rules with every EVCMOBI private number. Free-Voicemail, Greetings, Call forwarding and much more.

Local numbers from 62 countries

A local number ( also known as a DID ) is a phone number that enables customers to be reached directly to their EVCMOBI by subscribers of other networks. Each EVCMOBI account can host multiple local numbers.

Free Chat, video and call other EVCMOBI users

FREE- Chat, Video  and Call with all EVCMOBI users , no matter where they are world wide. Simple and Easy to use. Start using EVCMOBI today!!

Advanced Calling

No WIFI? or week signal? Solution :Use our advanced calling features to make your call even without WIFI or mobile internet. ONLY from EVCMOBI!!

Lower Rates

Trying to call a non EVCMOBI user? Add funds and select one of our attractive plans, or pay-as-you-go. Whatever your choice , EVCMOBI offers the best rates without connection fees.

Smarter plans

While our competitors incorporate a global rate sheet. We fine tune our rates for each customer and their needs. Our plans are tailored for each country, so that local users can call locally cheaper than ever. Save money with EVCMOBI. See the market comparison.

Conference Calls

With EVCMOBI you can have conference calls with multiple users. Send attachments , share location, all with the security and quality assurance EVCMOBI provides.

Free 2nd line on your mobile

Buy a local number, and create a 2nd phone line for your mobile. Keep it as your private number or share it with everyone. No commitments! Now you can receive calls on your EVCMOBI from non EVCMOBI users.

Make a call , even if you don’t have internet!

Need to make a call?? But you have no internet or WIFI signal?? Where our competitors fail, EVCMOBI keeps you in touch. Use our advanced calling features to make your call even if you dont have internet or WIFI. HOW COOL IS THAT!!!


Travelling? Take EVCMOBI with you.

EVCMOBI is the perfect travelling companion. FREE voice, text and video anywhere in the world. No roaming fees or incoming call charges on any of our DID's. That means that people can call you abroad, the same way they call you locally. No additional fees or charges!

Click also here to learn how to call all over the world without roaming .


All the platforms that are used by EVCMOBI have won the following awards.

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