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What does a Local Number (DID) offer me?

EVCMOBI offers you Local numbers ( DID's) in more than 62 countries and thousands of cities around the world.

Each EVCMOBI account can host from one to multiple Local numbers ( DIDs ). 

See below some of the benefits from owning your own Local number:

  1. With the purchase of a Local number on your EVCMOBI you are able to receive calls from NON EVCMOBI users. This means that anyone can call you on your Local number , from any network , from any landline or mobile ,from anywhere in the world.
  2. You can keep your local number private for your friends and family or you can share it with everyone, its your EVCMOBI 2nd number on your mobile. Example: If you live in the USA but have family in the UK, you can purchase a UK Local number so your family in the UK can call you with a local call to your EVCMOBI.
  3. Free voicemail and many more calling features.



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