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What is a Local Number (DID)?

The term “DID” stands for “Direct Inward Dial”, and describes a feature offered by traditional telephone operators. Essentially, we allocate your local number ( DID ) to your EVCMOBI account,  in much the same manner as one might be assigned a home phone number or an email address or a website domain. (i.e DID numbers are “unique”).

You can have as many Local numbers ( DIDs ) as you want on your EVCMOBI account. Eg. lets say you live in NY, but you also have relatives in Italy or the UK. You can purchase a NY, DID number 1212....... so that everyone in NY can call you locally. You can also purchase a second DID, for the UK eg. 4420...... ( London ). This way, anyone calling the UK number , will also ring your account, without any charges , roaming fees or international long distance charges. With EVCMOBI everyone wins.


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