evcmobi free calls

In what ways can I use my EVCMOBI account?

There are 4 different ways of calling:

EVCMOBI - app : All functionalities from your mobile! Send sms, call world wide, recharge your account from your mobile, add a free second line to your mobile. The EVCMOBI app is designed for Android and IOS operating systems.

EVCMOBI  (PC) : A live virtual telephone hosted on our servers, offering all its services through the customer portal. No installation is required. Ready to use by logging in to MY ACCOUNT. Perfect for customers that might use it from internet cafe's or other public pc access points. It's a multi-functional softphone that ensures the highest quality performance, providing a range of appropriate functionalities, including calling, SMS, chat and video. Other service features include: speed dialing, address book, easy access to recent calls, outgoing numbers, messages in real time, call cost in real-time, voice mail messages stored on our server, "call transfer" and "do not disturb" services, direct access to your call history, online charges and online top-up.

HOME SERVICE : With the purchase of an IP phone deivce you can set up your EVCMOBI account right from your home so everyone in the family can benefit from our great rates. Call world wide, and receive calls to your local numbers directly to your IP phone device. 




All the platforms that are used by EVCMOBI have won the following awards.

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